Your Home Deserves a Metal Roof

3 Reasons to Put a Metal Roof on Your House

Your house is one of your biggest investments.  But in order to maintain its value, you have to take care of it so that it isn’t damaged by the elements, and it doesn’t wear out sooner than necessary from regular use.  Putting a metal roof on your home is one less worry since once these roofs are on, they are virtually maintenance free.Call for a Quote

Take a look at the three reasons that you need a metal roof from Beartooth Metal Roofing.


1 – A Metal Roof Lasts Longer

Your home deserves a metal roofAsphalt shingles are popular for one reason: they are cheap.  Because they’re cheap, most builders will put asphalt on houses that they build.  This means that when storms damage those shingles, the homeowner will replace with more shingles rather than pay the additional out-of-pocket expenses to upgrade to metal.

But if you put a metal roof on top of your Billings home, you put a roof on that will last much longer than your asphalt shingles.  When the storms come through and damage all of the houses around yours, your metal roof is be unscathed.  When everyone else’s shingles are wearing out because they are reaching the end of their life, your metal roof will still have decades left.

If you want a roof that will last, possibly longer than you do, then you need a metal roof.


2 – A Metal Roof Looks Better

Asphalt shingles look good for a little while after they are put on the roof.  But then they start to fade and become dull.  After a year or two, they just start to blend in and remain unnoticed.  Many people don’t think about making their roof look beautiful, but you can have a work of art on top of your house.

A metal roof is more than just a roof.  Here at Beartooth Metal Roofing we spend extra time to ensure that your roof looks amazing.  We have special techniques so that no screws are showing and everything is fluid and seamless.  If you want to create a work of art and make your home look incredible, you need a metal roof.

3 – A Metal Roof Saves You Money

Most people pass on a metal roof because the initial cash outlay is more than they want to spend at the moment.  But when all of the factors are considered, the metal roof will end up costing less than the asphalt roof.  That comes into play in two different ways.

When you put a metal roof on your house, immediately the value of your home goes up.  If you decide to sell any time in the next few years, the metal roof will be a selling point, and allow you to list your home for a higher price.  Over the next several decades, your roof will pay for itself many times over.  As your neighbors replace their asphalt roofs, yours will continue to last.  Initially you may pay extra for your metal roof, but over the lifetime of the roof you will pay considerably less than if you stuck with asphalt.

Put a metal roof on a log cabin

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We provide high quality metal roofs to Billings and the surrounding areas.  If you want to save money, put a work of art on top of your house, and have one less item to worry about, then give us a call at 406-839-0084.  We can schedule a time to get you a bid on your rooftop artwork because your home deserves a metal roof.