You Need Snow Breaks on Your Metal Roof

Snow Breaks Save Lives

You may have read that heading and laughed a little bit.  But the reality is that snow breaks do indeed save lives; especially in areas that get a lot of snow (such as most of our Montana mountain towns).

Snow Breaks Metal roof billings MT

When you put a metal roof on your home or business, it causes the snow to slide off much more easily than if you have asphalt shingles.  This would be fine if there was nothing underneath the roof, but for anyone that has gutters, plants, or walkways, you don’t want that snow to come shooting off!


What Are Snow Breaks?

Let’s say you go up on the roof (in the summer when it’s safe), and you place an ice cube on the metal.  What will happen?  Naturally, the ice cube will slide down the metal roof and fall off the end to the ground.

But what if you put your hand in the way?  The ice cube will slide down until it hits your hand, it stay put until it melts.

That is, essentially, what snow breaks do.  Instead of ice cubes it’s a big pile of snow from a big storm.  You want to make sure the snow falls off slowly, or melts and then the water drains off, rather than having a huge sheet of snow come sliding off all on its own.


What Happens without Snow Breaks?

No Snow BreaksWhile snow breaks aren’t mandatory, they are pretty much essential.

After we put a roof on a house in Billings, Montana, we make sure to put gutters on it as well.  The gutters serve an essential function of protecting your foundation so that it doesn’t get destroyed by water.  Without snow breaks, a big sheet of snow sliding off your roof is enough to tear the gutters off the house and send them crashing to the ground.

Let’s suppose you don’t have snow breaks, and you go to exit your house.  You give the door a little slam to ensure that it’s shut, and that slam is just enough to shake the house.  The sheet of snow lets loose, and comes crashing down on top of you.  Best case scenario: you’re pretty sad because now you’re cold and wet.  Worst case scenario: a hospital visit is in your future because snow can actually weigh quite a bit!


Don’t Skip the Snow Breaks

Whenever we put a metal roof on a home, whether it’s in Billings, Nye, Red Lodge, Absarokee, Columbus, or even as far away as Phillipsburg, we make sure to put on those essential snow breaks.  Doing so may just save a life.

Does your metal roof have snow breaks?  If not, give us a call and we can come install them for you.  Just click on our phone number to dial: 406-839-0084.