Why Choose a Metal Roof?

A Metal Roof Lasts Forever

Metal Roof in MontanaThere is a saying in the construction industry that a metal roof is a forever roof.  While technically they will wear out, just like anything, but if you maintain your home the roof is going to last longer than you do.

Why is a metal roof so much better?  There are a number of reasons that make metal superior.  Let your metal roof specialist in Montana explain why you should opt for metal.

It Lasts Forever – Most people put asphalt shingles on their houses.  The reason is simple: asphalt shingles are cheap and easy to install.  You can have a new roof put on quickly and there isn’t as much out-of-pocket expense.  The downside, however, is that you might get 20 years out of asphalt, and then it needs to be replaced.  That’s assuming there are no hail storms that destroy the roof in the meantime.

A metal roof, however, is going to treat you a whole lot better.  A well cared for metal roof will last 60 years (and newer products are supposed to last even longer than that).  That roof will last three times as long as an asphalt roof.  In the long run, metal will cost less.

It’s Durable – Here in Montana we get a lot of hail storms.  These storms rip through the area and they destroy houses.  In Billings, Montana it has been every 2 years that a devastating hail storm is coming through and people with asphalt roofs have to have them replaced.  This means another claim on your insurance, and paying the deductible again.

Many of the hail storms that damage asphalt roofs don’t do a thing to a metal roof.  The hail has to be extraordinarily large to dent metal.  Even after hail comes through, a metal roof will last longer than an asphalt roof.

Metal Roof From Above


It’s Energy Efficient – Shingles have a lot of gaps.  That’s just how it works when you have individual shingles.  Metal is in much larger panels.  That means there is less heat transfer between the house and the open air.

Most people want to make sure that their energy expenses are kept to a minimum.  Regardless of whether or not that is to save money or save the planet (or both), choosing metal is a great way to help lower your monthly bills so that you are using less energy.

It’s Earth Friendly – Much of the metal used on roofs today is made from recycled metal.  Repurposing the metal into roofing material helps to save a number of resources.

There is less fuel used to recycle metal.  Mining ore, melting it down, and shaping it into metal is extremely inefficient.  But melting existing metal and shaping it into roofing materials is a considerably less taxing process.

That’s not to mention that when it does come time to replace your roof, you can have it recycled once again.

It Looks Great – There are some shingles that look fantastic.  But most people opt for something a little more basic.  While any new roof will look good and be an improvement over the old, there is something about metal.

Metal can be cut and shaped into a variety of patterns.  And even if you’re looking for just a standing seam metal roof in Billings, Red Lodge, Nye, or the surrounding area, your house will look sharp with a metal roof.

It Stands up to the Cold – Here in Montana we get cold winters.  And if you live somewhere like Nye, Montana you know that when the snow starts to pile up, it doesn’t melt away quickly!  In order to stand up to that snow, you need a durable product.

Metal is the only way to make sure that your house won’t be damaged when a big snow storm comes through.  Shingles can break and blow off, and melting snow can push ice up underneath them.  With a strong and durable metal roof installed, you won’t have those problems.


Beartooth Metal Roofing is Your Metal Roof Expert

Metal Roof in BillingsHere at Beartooth Metal Roofing we specialize in metal.  There are plenty of roofers out there than “can do” metal, but without hiring a specialist you won’t be perfectly satisfied with the results.

We don’t mess around with shingle roofs.  We don’t mess around with vinyl siding.  We don’t mess around with bricks.  We work with metal so that we can create 100% custom roofs that you will love 100%.

Do you live in Southern Montana or Northern Wyoming?  Are you ready to get started on your forever roof?  Give us a call at 406-839-0084 and we can get you a quote on making your home look amazing.