What Makes Our Metal Roof Different?

A Metal Roof is a Metal Roof… Right?

Actually, there are a lot of differences when it comes to roofing.  Just as not all furniture is the same (think about the cheap stuff you get at a big box store vs. high end custom made stuff that costs thousands more), the quality of a metal roof is going to vary dramatically between roofing companies.

Metal Roof with No Screws Superior Roofing Companies

One of the biggest things that separates Beartooth Metal Roofing from many of the others is the quality that you will get.  Our roofs simply look better, last longer, and raise the value of your home more than many of the others out there.  Here’s why.


Seamless is One Thing…

…screw free is another.

Most roofing companies have one goal in mind: to get through every job as quickly as possible, move on to the next, and maximize profits.  Our goal is a little different.  Just as a painter would never rush through a painting, and a sculptor would never rush through a statue, and then say, “eh, it’s good enough.” We would never rush through a roof.

We take pride in our work, and it shows when you see the finished product.  Here are the biggest areas where you will notice that Beartooth Metal Roofing goes beyond what the other guys do.

Ridge Caps – A metal roof is designed to be as water tight as possible.  This means you don’t want turtle vents or other vents sticking up through the top of the roof.  For proper ventilation, however, you have to have a ridge vent.  Over the top of the ridge vent is called a ridge cap.

Most metal roofing companies will slap the ridge cap on, and have a lot of screws showing.  We admit that it is hard to hide the screws with nothing over the top to cover them.  We incorporate a unique method to wrap the metal around so the screws don’t show.

Ridge Cap No Screws

Transition Areas – At the bottom of the metal panel, where it transitions either to a different pitch (as the picture below shows) or to the edge of the house, it needs to be secured.  If it’s not screwed down then you risk having water back up underneath, bugs make their way in, and worst of all the wind will get under there and rip your roof right off.  Most metal roofing companies will put screws along the edge to hold down the ends of the metal panels.

We take the extra time on every single panel to wrap the metal under.  Everything is screwed in place and held firmly down, but there are no screws that show on the ends of the metal.

No Screws Metal Roof

By taking the extra time to make sure that no screws are showing, you are left with an amazing roof that will last for decades, look better than your neighbors’ roofs, and provide superior protection against the elements.


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Are you ready to protect your investment?  Skip the asphalt and don’t settle for just any metal.  Instead, go with a superior roof by Beartooth Metal Roofing; one that is going to be as though a piece of art is topping your house.  Call us at 406-839-0084.