We Take Steps to Prevent Oil Canning

What is Oil Canning Anyway?

Whether you live in Billings, in Bozeman, in Miles City, or in Nye, you want a metal roof that is going to not only protect your home from the elements, but one that is going to look great too!  Unfortunately, when many people see the costs associated with a metal roof, they quickly try to cut those down.  The result is that they get metal that is sub-par, and they end up with oil canning.

Photo Credits: Flickr Text Added

Photo Credits: Flickr Text Added

What exactly is oil canning though?  It happens when you use a metal that isn’t quite cut out for the structure on which you put it.  The little ripples are (mostly) preventable, and here at Beartooth Metal Roofing, we use high quality products that will end up lasting.


What Does Oil Canning Look Like?

Here are two pictures found online of oil canning roofs.

Credits for the picture on the left: via Flickr and credits for the picture on the right: via Flickr.


When Your Roof Oil Cans

There are a few different factors that come into play if you have a roof that ends up oil canning.  Some are preventable, others not so much.  When the roof is installed correctly, and when quality products are used, the oil canning is cut to a minimum.

Low Quality Metal – Low quality metal stresses differently when the metal is made.  It has some spots that are stronger, and some that are weaker.

No Decking – Or the decking is uneven or rotted.  If there is poor support under the metal, the metal can oil can or ripple.

Too Many Screws – Some people are under the impression that more screws means more secure.  Really, too many screws doesn’t allow for the flexibility the metal needs.

Heat – Heat on its own isn’t a bad thing.  But if part of the roof heats up and another part doesn’t, then the entire roof may oil can.

While there isn’t much you can do about the heat on the roof (it’s coming from the sun, and aside from planting more trees you get what you get), you can control for the rest of the problems.  Here is how we make sure that oil canning is minimal (almost always non-existent) on our roofs.


Beartooth Metal Prevents Oil Canning

sumc 1We generally don’t have a problem with oil canning unless the clients have changed some of what we suggest doing for their roof.  These are the best ways to have a nice and flat roof.

Use 24 Gauge Metal – Roofing metal comes in sizes smaller (thinner) than 24 gauge, but the thinner you get the more susceptible your roof will be to wrinkles (think of tin foil vs sheet metal).

Proper Ribbing/Corrugation – All our metal comes as a big roll.  It goes through a machine that shapes it adding corrugation (there are a few patterns to choose from).  We choose patterns that are less prone to oil canning (flat surfaces are no good).

Handle and Fasten Correctly – Any time you handle the metal you risk bending it.  Taking care to handle it, use the right fasteners, and making sure the surface underneath is solid goes a long way.


Have Beartooth Metal Roofing do Your Metal Roof

Your home deserves to be topped with a work of art.  Don’t settle for something that you don’t like.  Instead, let Beartooth Metal Roofing top your home with the best quality roof around, one that isn’t going to oil can and one that will last for years to come.

Are you ready to take your roof to the next level?  Call us at 406-839-0084.