Upgrade to a Hail Resistant Metal Roof in Billings

Billings, Montana Needs Metal Roofing

One of the perks of living in Montana is that you have access to some of the wildest terrain in the lower 48 states.  Not an hour from Billings and we’re into the magical Beartooth Mountains.

One of the pitfalls of living her in Billings is that we have to deal with thunderstorms that can produce some serious hail.  Those who live just east in Shepherd and Worden know that the hail that struck in August, 2019 was something fierce.  In the city of Billings it wasn’t quite so bad, but many roofs and vehicles were banged up.

If you were hit, there’s a better way.

metal roofing in Billings Montana

Minor hail damage on this metal roof; but no need for concern

How Metal Withstands Hail Better than Shingles

When large hail hits a roof, it does damage.  How that damage looks, and what happens afterward, is a matter of what the roof is made out of.

With a shingle roof, the hail will knock the gravel off of the shingles.  But the real damage is actually on the back of the shingle.

Blowing out the back means they are no longer water tight.  While rain may still run off in the right direction, melting snow is going to be a major concern and can cause some serious water backup that leaks into the house.

With a metal roof, however, you don’t have to worry about that damage.

Metal roofing is tougher than shingles.  A hailstone that is going to smash up a shingle, literally won’t put a dent in metal.  But what if the hail is really big?  You’re still going to fare better when you have metal instead of asphalt.

Big hail stones will put dents in metal.  But they won’t blow out the back and cause concerns of water leaking into the house when the winter comes.  While there may be some unsightly dings, the roof will maintain its integrity and still provide the essential function of keeping out the elements.

metal roof hail damage billings montana

Upgrade Your Billings Home to a Metal Roof

If you have suffered from hail damage, then it’s time to get a better material on top of your home.  Upgrade to a metal roof, and you won’t have to scramble to find a roofing company that can get your home fixed before the winter sets in.

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