Understanding Roofing Metal

A Metal Roof Generally Uses 24 Gauge Metal

When you put a new roof on your house, you have a lot of choices.  Even if you’re putting on shingles, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shingle that you can use.  You have a choice between a 20-year, a 30-year, a 50-year, architectural, three tab, different colors and more.  The same goes when you put a metal roof on your Billings, Montana home.

understanding roofing metal  gauges Billings Montana

Metal comes in a variety of gauges.  The higher the number, the thinner the metal.  But when it comes to putting metal on your roof, that small variance in thickness can mean a big difference.


Do You Want a Thicker, or Thinner, Roof?

When you look at roofing metal, the cost of materials is generally dependent on the thickness of the metal.  A thicker roofing metal will cost more than a thinner metal.  You may think that you could save some money by using a thinner metal.  Unfortunately it’s not always that straight forward.

When it comes to metal, thinner is often the less desirable route to take.

Best Metal Roofing Company in Billings

We Use Primarily 24 Gauge Steel

Billings Metal Roofing CompanyOur metal of choice is 24 gauge for a variety of reasons.  It’s on the thicker end of the spectrum, and for more homes that is going to be the best option.

24 gauge steel will withstand impacts from the hail storms we get here in Montana.  The thicker metal won’t dent as easily as the thinner variety.  Even if you do opt for a thinner metal, the hail won’t cause damage, but it could cause dents.

If price point is an issue, we can go down to 26 gauge metal.  However, the thinner metal actually becomes harder to work with as it can tend to bend easier and have more problems during installation.  But for those that want a metal roof, but can’t afford the better quality, we will do 26 gauge.

29 gauge is the lowest you want to go with a roof.  Any thinner and you risk damage from hail, wind, and branches.  Even as low as 29 gauge could be problematic when the big wind storms come up.  If that wind catches under the panel just right, it could rip off the house.

Through our experience the thicker metal is the best bet to protect your home in the long run.


Upgrade Your Roof to Metal

Are you ready to put a roof on your house that won’t need replaced the next time we get a hail storm?  Are you ready to increase the value of your house dramatically?  Are you ready to make your house into a work of art?  Then call us at 406-839-0084 to schedule a time when we can give you a bid.