Suffering from a Leaking Roof?

A Leaking Roof can Cause Serious Damage

With all the rain we have been getting in Billings this spring, and the massive amounts of snow we got over the winter, there are have been a lot of people that are complaining that their roofs are leaking.  While the biggest culprit is usually un-repaired hail damage, there are other ways your roof can leak.

Leaking Roof

Regardless of what has caused the leaking roof, you have to get it fixed as soon as possible.  While it may seem that there’s a little bit of drywall damage on the inside of the house, the reality is that the damage is much more extensive than you realize.


The Hidden Damage of a Leaky Roof

When your roof is damaged, you see one or two things.  You see the damage to the ceiling where the water is coming in.  That’s how you discovered the problem.  If you climb onto the roof, you might see damaged shingles, improperly attached flashing, or another problem that is letting the water in.  But what you don’t see is where the real problems are.

Roof Decking Damage – Beneath the shingles, or metal roof if that’s the case, there are sheets of plywood.  This plywood is called the decking, and provides the backing for the shingles that are nailed to the roof.  In order to properly support those shingles, you want strong decking.

Water damage from a leaking roof can cause the plywood to separate and start to fall apart.  If it’s left un-repaired, you could be looking at holes in the roof.

Roofing in Billings Montana

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Insulation Damage – Between the living space and the roof you have insulation.  Without it your home would be bitterly cold every winter.  To work properly the insulation should remain light and fluffy (think of how warm you stay when you have a thin coat on versus a fluffy coat).  When it becomes water logged, the insulation packs down.  It ends up losing its insulative properties.

While packed insulation will raise your utility bills and cause your home to be less comfortable, there is a bigger issue.

Wet insulation from a leaking roof

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Mold and Mildew Concerns – Any time there is water that cannot evaporate quickly, you will have mold and mildew concerns.  Most people think these are problems that more humid climates face, but the reality is that you can develop a mold problem here in Billings.  Water that has leaked through the roof, but didn’t make it all the way to the inside of the house, provides a breeding ground for mold spores.

If the mold is left untreated, you’re going to end up with some serious health problems.

Mold damage

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Electrical Problems – Wires run through the walls and ceilings.  These wires go to outlets, switches, heaters, and bulbs.  As many of us already know, water and electricity are not a good combination.  If the water gets into the electrical components of your home, you have a recipe for sparks and potentially a fire.  Un-repaired leaks in your roof can end up causing your home to burn down.

Smoke alarms are your only line of defense, make sure they’re working!

Electrical wire problems.

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Rotting Joists – If water has been damaging your attic or crawl space for a long time, the joists holding your home up may be compromised.  Wood is tough, and it takes a lot to make it rot; especially when it’s not exposed to the elements.  But when it is wet, and it stays wet, it will rot quickly.  Over time, it’s going to collapse under the weight of the roof.

Bugs may end up eating the wood if it’s wet and delicious for them.

Rotting Roof Joists

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Get your Leaky Roof Repaired Right Away

Don’t let a little problem turn into a big one.  After a hail storm, have your roof inspected to see if there is damage.  If there is, get it fixed right away!

Your best bet is to upgrade to a high quality metal roof.  Even if the hail gets large enough to damage the metal, the integrity of the roof won’t be damaged.  It will still protect against the elements even if it’s dented (most hail storms won’t dent a metal roof).

If you’re tired of replacing your roof after every hail storm, call Beartooth Metal Roofing.  We will get you upgraded to a high quality work of art on top of your home.  Your new roof will stand up to the hail, and protect against unwanted water damage.

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