feat1After a severe hail storm rips through Southern Montana, asphalt shingles are destroyed.  No matter if they are a year old or 20 years old, one hail storm can wipe them out. If you have had your roof destroyed, it may be time to upgrade to a metal roof.

When a storm wipes out your existing roof, you don’t have to replace it with the same roofing material.  Instead, you can upgrade to a sturdier, longer lasting, metal roof.  There is a little bit of an investment, but a metal roof isn’t called a forever roof for nothing.

Montana can throw some severe weather our way. Is your house prepared to stand up to scorching summer heats, devastating hail, and serious winter snow storms?  With a metal roof it is!

As an added bonus, you could likely see a discount on your insurance after you have a metal roof installed on your house.  For the next 50 years you can enjoy the timeless look of metal, and not worry when a hail storm causes damage to other roofs that aren’t as sturdy.

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Residential Metal Roofing Services

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