Receive Tax Credits for Installing a Metal Roof

You can Get Money Back on Your Roof

We all want to save money whenever we can.  One of the best ways to do that is by investing in materials and products that are more energy efficient.  Some may cost more now than their less efficient counterparts, but over the years, they will pay off by keeping your utility bills lower.

Tax Credits for Metal Roofing

But why settle for just a long-term payoff?  Why not get some money back now by upgrading to a high quality metal roof?  There are tax advantages to upgrading.


Tax Benefits of a Metal Roof

Installing a metal roof on a home in Billings

We know that metal roofing lasts longer.  We know it looks better, is more efficient, and can get you some discounts on your home owners insurance.  But what many people don’t realize is that upgrading to a metal roof can get them a credit on their taxes.  And remember, a tax credit offsets what you owe dollar for dollar (unlike a tax deductions which lowers your taxable income).

According to the Energy Star website, there is a credit for those who install metal or asphalt roofs with pigmented coatings or cooling granules that will help reduce heat gain.  Essentially, these are roofs that are more reflective and bounce the heat and sun’s rays back up instead of soaking them in (like a traditional asphalt roof does).

Now there are some rules that go along with it.  The credit only applies to the cost of materials, and caps out at $500.  But if you’re having a metal roof put on your Billings home anyway, you might as well get some money back from the government to offset your costs!

Before you hurry up and get a new metal roof, talk with your accountant to ensure that you qualify for the credit.  Unfortunately, at this time, a metal roof does not qualify for any Montana tax credits, but you may be able to earn one if you improve the roof insulation when upgrading to a metal roof.


Combine Tax Credits and Savings

Tax credits are just one way of further offsetting the additional cost of a metal roof.  In the short run it is cheaper to put on asphalt.  But as we laid out in our analysis, you actually save money with a metal roof.  And when you figure in the tax benefits, you save even more money.

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