Peace of Mind with a New Roof

When We Put a Roof on, What do You Get?

When it comes to buying products, we buy more than just what is being sold.  For instance, our decision to buy a new vehicle isn’t based on the idea that we need to get from point A to point B.  Instead, it’s based on what vehicle is going to be the safest, the fastest, the most economical, be able to haul our supplies, or a number of other reasons.  You’re not buying the vehicle, you’re buying the reason.

Peace of Mind with a New Roof

The same goes for a roof on your home.  There are a number of roofing companies here in Billings.  Nearly all of them will do a great job getting a roof on your home.  But you’re buying more than a roof; you’re buying the peace of mind that comes with that roof.  You’re buying the protection for your home that will ultimately keep your family safe, and allow you to live in your house for decades to come.

So what makes Beartooth Metal Roofing different?


Peace of Mind with a New Roof

You spent a lot of money on your home.  You want to make sure it lasts, but you also want to make sure it looks good and will do the job properly.  You need a roof that is going to accomplish all of this, and often asphalt shingles just won’t cut it.

With Beartooth Metal Roofing, you get peace of mind that your roof is enhancing the value of your home.  Almost all houses have a plain asphalt shingle roof.  Your roof is a work of art.

Billings, Montana gets some pretty severe storms.  From wind and rain, to damaging hail, we see it all.  When you have a cheap roof on top of your house, and that hail starts to hit, will your roof stand up?

With Beartooth Metal Roofing, you get peace of mind that your roof is going to withstand even the biggest hail stones.  Rarely will a metal roof even be damaged, and even if it is, it won’t fail structurally.

Our superior metal roofs will let you sleep like a baby.

When it comes time to sell your home, you want to get top dollar.  You have to make your house stand out from the rest.  New shingles will do this, but a better roof will even more.

With Beartooth Metal Roofing, you get peace of mind that your roof is going to let you up that asking price, and buyers will gladly pay it.

Heat rises.  So in the winter, you want the most insulation on the top of your house to help trap it in.  But even in the summer, you want to block that heat from beating down on top of the house.  Older homes especially are notorious for having inadequate insulation.

With Beartooth Metal Roofing, you get peace of mind that your roof is adding to the energy efficiency of your home, helping keep your utility bills as low as possible.


Upgrade to a High Quality Work of Art

Not only do our roofs look better, the last longer and protect your home better.  You even get to enjoy lower utility bills and discounts on your insurance!

Are you ready to ditch the asphalt for something that will be far and away better?  Then call the best metal roofing company in Billings at 406-839-0084 to schedule a time for a quote.