Metal Roofing Provides a Modern Rustic Look

Make Your Home Look Amazing with a Metal Roof

Putting a metal roof on your home in Billings is going to provide quite a few perks.  Aside from lower utility bills, lower insurance rates, better protection against hail and other elements, you get a roof that looks fantastic.  The best part is that you don’t have to settle for just one look.

Metal roof and seamless gutters in Billings

Metal technology has advanced through the years that it’s no longer just the tin roof on an old shed look.  Instead, you can go for a variety of colors, different shapes, and get as artistic as you want.


Modern Rustic Look

If you own a cabin, maybe outside of Red Lodge, or Nye (we work all over, just give us a call to see if we’re able to come to you), or even Philipsburg, you might be looking for something that isn’t quite as flashy as a roof that you would put on a house in the city.  That’s where the variety of metal comes into play.

If you love the rusted tin roof look, we can order metal that has been colored to look like it’s rusted.  Naturally it’s going to be strong and durable, but it will provide that rustic look that you desire.  You get that modern rustic look, with all the appeal of an old roof, but all the benefits of a new one.

Perhaps the rustic look isn’t your thing and you want something cleaner.  Many cabins look amazing topped in a variety of earth tone colors.  Browns or coppers look great when paired with log cabins, or a forest green helps everything blend with the trees and landscape around it.

The best thing about our metal roofs is that they’ll help with fire protection.  When owning a cabin there is always the fear that a forest fire will wipe it out.  Proper care to ensure fire lines helps, but ultimately the metal roof is going to stop those sparks before they can do damage.

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The old charm without the old

Old World Charm

The most common metal roof that we do is standing seam.  That means the sheets of metal are bent to the specifications, and then interlocked on top of the house.  It’s an effective way to make a water tight roof.

There are some people, however, that don’t like that look.  They’re going for a charm that is found in many European cottages.  Today’s metal technology can put a roof like that on your home.

Metal that looks like clay tiles can provide the look of an Italian villa (without the weight).  Or they can be shaped to look like slate tiles that adorn many British homes.  Or perhaps you just want the look of shingles, but the durability of metal.  Metal shingles are available.

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A tile look made of metal

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