Metal Roofing is Growing in Popularity

Asphalt is Out; Metal is In

Over the years, building technology changes.  Think about your own home and some of the components.  30 years ago, low flow toilets and shower heads weren’t even options; today you can’t buy these fixtures if they aren’t low-flow.  The same goes for roofing materials; as better technology comes along, people are upgrading.

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The old asphalt shingle was developed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  For the first half of the century it got better and better, until in the 1950’s the shingles had about peaked.  For the next 50 to 60 years there wasn’t much of a change, and the technology has moved on to a better material: metal.


Why Metal is Better

Just like shingles, metal roofing has undergone a lot of changes as well.  If you’re still imagining the old barn topped in a rusty tin roof; you’re thinking of outdated metal roofing technology.  Today, the materials are strong, durable, beautiful, and will last almost forever.

Asphalt roofs are designed to last about 10-20 years.  That’s quite a while, especially since most people only stay in their homes for an average of about 7 -10 years.  In the minds of the homeowner, who likely won’t be in the house when the roof needs to be replaced, the choice to install asphalt is clear.

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However, metal holds its value.  You can recoup much of the cost of the roof when you sell, and enjoy the added protection you get with a high quality metal roof.

For those who plan to stay in their homes 15+ years, it’s a no-brainer.  A metal roof is the best choice; especially when you look at all the added benefits of putting metal on top of your home.


Metal Has Changed over the Years

Not only has the metal that is used on top of houses changed in integrity, it also has changed in appearance!

Not many years ago, a metal roof was prone to rust.  It was made of cheap materials, that didn’t last as long, and we get the image of a rusted tin roof when we think of metal roofing.  That image, with today’s metal, is completely wrong!  The product is durable and strong, and it looks amazing.

You can get your metal roof in a variety of colors.  You don’t have to go with metal panels (although those are the most popular because they’re faster to install), but rather you can get all sorts of metal shingles.

No matter what you choose, you’ll have a better roof, which is going to last longer, and look nicer than your neighbors with the asphalt shingles.


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