Is a Metal Roof Colder in the Winter?

Does the Roofing Material Affect the House Temperature?

It’s pretty cold outside right now, somewhere around 5 degrees above zero at the time of this writing.  One of the questions we get asked a lot refers to the temperature of a metal roof; doesn’t metal make the house colder?  If you were to go outside and touch a metal pole with one hand, and a tree with the other, the pole would certainly feel colder.  But that’s not how metal roofing works.

is a metal roof colder in the winter?

Your roofing material is a covering.  What makes the house warmer or colder is what’s underneath the metal roofing.

Layers to the Roof

Most of the time we refer to the roof by the covering: either asphalt shingles, metal, or something else.  But there’s a lot more to a roof than what we see.

On the top, there is the visible part.  Your metal roof (or whatever material you have used) is what will protect the home from the elements.  It blocks the rain and snow from getting inside the home.

Underneath the covering is roof decking.  The decking is made from either plywood (in newer homes) or board sheathing (in older homes).  This decking provides a strong surface that the roof can be attached to.

Roofing Material roof decking

Beneath the decking is the insulation.  Depending on how your home is finished on the inside (a finished attic, or unfinished attic) the insulation may be right up next to the decking, or blown in above the rafters.

In a properly vented attic, the roofing material won’t make a difference in the temperature inside the house.  So having metal, which gets cold to the touch, on top of your home won’t make a difference to the temperature inside the home.

Metal Can Actually Be Warmer and Cooler

There’s one way that you can actually improve your home’s temperature when you upgrade to a metal roof.  You can make it so the house stays warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer, with a couple of additional steps to the roofing process (actually, we will take those steps, you just have to approve them).

After the old roof has been stripped off, we can lay sheets of Styrofoam down.  On top of this insulation we put new decking.  Then the roofing material is attached.  This added layer of insulation provides yet another cushion from the outside air letting you enjoy a more comfortable house with your exquisite roof on top.

Warmer house with a metal roof in Billings

Superior Protection on top of Your Billings, MT Home

Has your old asphalt roof has worn out, and you want something better?  Are you looking to sell your home and you want to get a higher price for it?  Do you just love the look of a metal roof and you want the superior protection that comes with it?

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