Maintain Your Seamless Gutters in Three Easy Steps

Seamless Gutters in Billings, MT will Last if You Help Them

It may not rain a lot in Billings.  But it rains enough that we need to have gutter on our houses to prevent damage to the foundation of our homes.  As it is, houses don’t really like water.  Sure, rain’s not going to hurt it, but only if that water is shed away from the structure.  When it pools up, and sits in one place too long, it can have terrible (read as: really expensive to fix) consequences.  Yes, even your concrete can rot away if the water hits it too much.

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That’s why you see a lot of residents upgrading to seamless gutters.  These things last virtually forever, they don’t leak (no seams or joints to leak from), and when maintained they keep the water pushed away from your foundation.

But that’s only if they’re maintained.

Don’t worry, maintenance is actually pretty easy.  As long as you have a ladder, a bucket, and a pair of gloves.

Inspect the Gutters and Downspouts

Climb onto the ladder and take a good look at your gutters.  Notice any debris that has filled them up.  Check to make sure hangers and screws aren’t missing.  Look for dents and dings that may have come with the last hail storm we had here in Billings.

Look over your downspouts.  Make sure they’re not clogged with junk.  Look to see that they haven’t separated at the corners, and water will still be distributed far away from the foundation of the house; the farther away the better.

Remove any Debris Built Up Inside Them

Using the gloves (so your hands don’t get poked by pine needles and gunked up by nasties) and the bucket, scoop any leaves or other debris that have accumulated in the gutters.  You can just slop this stuff down onto the ground, but it’s usually better just to clean it up and toss it in the dumpster to maintain a nicer home.

When the gutters are free of debris, the work isn’t done yet!  Get out the hose and blast any remaining bits of gravel from your shingles (metal roofs don’t have this issue, in case you want to upgrade – hint, hint), bits of leaves, pine needles, or whatever else built up in the gutters.  Make sure the downspouts are clear so all debris can easily wash down them and out away from the house.

Trim Back Branches

Take a look at the trees near your house.  Are they overhanging the roof?  Consider trimming them back if applicable so that when the leaves or needles fall off, they go to the ground and not into the gutters.

Hire a Professional to Clean and Inspect the Gutters

If you’re not comfortable getting on the ladder, or if you don’t own a ladder, there are gutter cleaning companies out there that can swing by and get this all done in a couple of hours.  You get clean gutters, the mess isn’t distributed to the ground, and you don’t have to worry about a thing until the next season.

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Beartooth Metal Roofing does Seamless Gutters in Billings

We recommend that you clean out your gutters twice each year.  Do it once in the spring, before the rainy season starts, and once in late fall after the leaves have come off the trees.  If you have time, you can do it multiple times in the fall just to ensure they stay nice and clear.

If you have leaking gutters, no gutters, or you just don’t like the gutters on your house, give us a call at 406-839-0084.  Our seamless gutter experts can get your house upgraded so it can shed water better and protect that foundation.