Looking for the Lowest Price Metal Roof in Billings?

Be Careful what you Wish for

Any time people have work done on their house, they want the cheapest rate possible.  They get multiple bids, they have different contractors look over the project, and often they will go with the lowest bid in an effort to save as much money as possible.  Sometimes they get a good deal, but often going with the cheapest is not going to be in your best interest.

cheapest roofer in Billings

There are a variety of factors that come into play when you’re opting for the lowest cost roofing.  Some is the labor, and some is the materials that are being used.  Let’s take a look at the 4 biggest factors that determine the cost of your roof, and how going with the cheapest can end up being detrimental in the long run.


The Cost of Labor

Roofers in BillingsOne way that many contractors try to lower their prices is to drastically cut the cost of their labor.  By itself, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when we look a little deeper we see that it can have negative effects.

With any business, higher skill demands a higher price.  In roofing, if you want someone that really knows what they are doing, and won’t make multiple mistakes on your roof, then you can’t expect to pay $8 per hour.  Roofers in Billings, and elsewhere, which have super low labor prices may not have the skilled workers that you need to put on your roof the right way.

Higher labor prices, however, don’t always mean better quality work.  An honest roofer will charge an honest rate.


The Shape of the Roof

Metal Roof Billings MontanaWhen we use the word “shape” we mean the actual layout of the roof.  How many peaks, valleys, angles, curves, and ridges does it have?  How steep is the roof?  The more detail the longer the roof will take to install, and the higher the price will be.  There is not much that you can do when it comes to the shape of your roof without a major construction overhaul.

More angles means more cuts and joints.  Without a skilled worker, these calculations can end up being off causing problems down the road.


The Location of the Home

The best roofer in BillingsIs your home in the middle of town, or in the mountains?  If it takes an extra hour every day to get to the job site, or if there is a muddy road that is difficult to navigate, or a rough road that could cause a lot of damage to equipment, the price has to go up.  There’s not much that you can do about the location of your home, but a contractor that doesn’t take that into account may not be paying attention to other aspects of putting a roof on your house.

A home in the mountains is highly desirable.  Putting a metal roof on your mountain home or cabin is essential.  But it can end up raising the costs of putting on a high quality roof.


The Quality of the Materials

Cheap Roofing MaterialsOne way that skilled roofers try to cut their rates is by buying cheaper materials.  For years we have heard, “You get what you pay for.”  And that is very true in the world of roofing materials.

Here at Beartooth Metal Roofing, we use 24 gauge steel that has a high quality paint to ensure that it will last for many years to come.  It comes on rolls so that each panel is shaped to the exact length that is needed.  It is also a little bit more expensive than some of the alternatives.

Low cost roofers in Billings, and around Montana, and across the country, try to save money for themselves and for their clients, but buying cut rate materials.  They get a thinner metal (sometimes 26 or 28 gauge) that isn’t nearly as strong.  These materials also have a lower quality paint that may end up chipping and peeling over time.

The result of cheaper materials is that hail storms can more easily damage the roof.  You’re installing a metal roof because it’s built to last; if hail is destroying it, then there’s no benefit there.  It can also end up wearing out sooner.  If your contractor cuts labor rates, and uses cheap materials, you may think that you’re getting a good deal on a roof.  But then 3 or 4 years down the road, that roof can develop problems.  The cheap roofer may be out of business now, and you end up spending a lot of money on roof repairs.

High quality materials will always cost more, and always last longer when it comes to a metal roof put on a home in Billings, Montana.


Beartooth Metal Roofing Does Roofs Right

Here at Beartooth Metal Roofing, we don’t cut corners.  We use high quality materials, and skilled roofers that understand how to put a roof on a home.  The result is that you get a top of the line product, installed by master craftsmen, that looks beautiful and will last for many years to come.

Do you live in Billings, Red Lodge, Absarokee, Roundup, Miles City, or anywhere else nearby?  Our 2017 calendar is filling up quickly, call us at 406-839-0084 to schedule a time when we can install the best roof on your home.