The Latest Metal Roofing Color Trends

Your Roof Doesn’t have to be Dull

For years roofs were a series of earth tones.  You had your cedar shakes, your gray, brown, or black asphalt shingles, and perhaps a handful of different colored metal roofs.  Most of that metal was in the white, gray, or “tin” colors.  In the past couple of decades, as metal roofing technology has taken huge leaps forward, that has all changed.

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Recently the Metal Roofing Alliance made their predictions for 2018.  The consensus: homeowners want something unique that is going to “pop” when people drive up.  But not so much over-the-top that they will tire of it quickly.  Here is what we can expect to see more of in the metal roofing world this year.


More Roofs with Big Bold Colors

Earth tones and subtle colors still have their place.  But many homeowners are looking for big and bold colors.  Those that compliment the home, stand out, and display the homeowner’s personality.  This includes metal roofing colors like brilliant reds, deep blues, and dramatic greens.

What we likely won’t see are some overly dramatic roofs.  Even though purple has surged to popularity in decorating, it’s probably not going to adorn many roofs.  Nor will pink or orange.  While big and bold, they will quickly fade from popularity and you could be left with a roof you don’t like.

More Roofs with Natural Metal Tones

Along the lines of bold colors are those that capture the natural hues of metal.  Copper roofing makes a dramatic splash, especially when put on a brick home.  Today we can do copper metal roofing that has the look of copper, but not the price tag.  Titanium hues and stainless steel are making a comeback.  These won’t rust like the tin roof of yore, but they will maintain their brilliance for years to come.

Fewer Roofs with Earth Tones

Earth tones, like rich browns, deep greens, and slate gray, will always have a place in the metal roofing industry.  They look great on almost any house, and they provide beauty and protection all in one.  The expectation for 2018 is that they won’t disappear by any means.  In fact they will still remain a very popular choice.  But more homeowners will trend away from these colors for the more vibrant counterpart.

How to Choose a Color for Your Metal Roof

Choosing the right color for your metal roof shouldn’t be difficult.  With our help we can determine which color will look great on your home; one that will complement the existing palette.  When you do narrow down the choices, here are a couple of tips.

  • Check the color in multiple lighting situations. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs will reveal different colors than natural sunlight.  Bright sun and cloudy days will make the roof different.  Make sure you like the color in all lights.
  • Brilliance will diminish. Over the next two or three decades the brilliance of the roof will wane some.  Modern metal roofing doesn’t fade much, but it does some.  Natural metals will patina, especially copper.
  • A metal roof will last 50+ years. Don’t make a choice that you love now that you will hate in 10 years.  These things last forever, so make sure your style will last forever as well.

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