How Metal Roofing Keeps Your Home More Comfortable

A Metal Roof Provides Better Insulation

It is well known that a metal roof is a better roof.  They’re more durable, stand up to hail and weather much better, and most of the time they simply look a lot better than basic asphalt shingles.  That’s not to say there aren’t certain shingles that look stunning, but on a whole many people find metal to be more attractive.

There are still some metal roofing myths out there though.  Some of which are turning people away from metal who would otherwise benefit greatly from this superior quality product on top of their home or business.  One of those myths is the idea that metal is colder and your house will end up being colder because of it.

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As your resource for metal roofing in Billings, Montana, we want to bust that myth.  Our goal is to ensure that you have a high quality roof on your home that is a work of art. Here’s what the science says about metal roofing.

Why Metal Roofing is Believed to be Colder

Have you ever found a piece of metal outside in the dead of winter?  Maybe it’s a flag pole, a mailbox, a car door… it doesn’t matter what the item is for this little scenario.  The answer lies in the physics behind the metal.

Metal feels colder or warmer than other objects because metal is a great thermal conductor.  When you touch a piece of wood outside, it feels warmer than a piece of metal next to it because you are feeling the warmth from your fingers.  The metal “sucks” the warmth out from your fingers making it feel colder than the wood.  The opposite happens when the metal is in the bright sun; it quickly transfers heat into your hand.

Understanding this helps us understand why although metal feels colder or hotter, it doesn’t make the house colder or hotter.

Why Metal Roofing Keeps Your Home Warmer in the Winter

Here in Billings, we have quite the variance of temperatures.  From over 100 degrees in the summer, to well below zero in the winter.  Montana even has the record for largest temperature swing in a 24 hour period (Loma, MT, Northeast of Great Falls, went from -54 to 49 degrees back in 1972).  It makes it so we have to be able to guard against extreme cold and extreme heat.

In the winter, the metal roof will end up helping keep your home warmer due to a variety of factors.  One of those is air space.

Studies show that the metal warms up less in a winter day, and cools less in a winter night (compared to asphalt).  So while the shingles get warmer when the sun hits them, they cool faster when the sun is gone.  The result is that the home beneath, or at least the attic space where the air acts as a buffer between the living space and the outside world.  The result is that the home stays a steadier temperature throughout the winter.

A metal roof keeps your home warmer in the winter.

Why Metal Roofing Keeps Your Home Cooler in the Summer

In the heat of the summer the sun beating on the roof can warm the surface to well over 100 degrees (even if the air temperature is only in the 80’s).  Keeping your home cool, is a matter of insulation and dead air space.

Asphalt shingles are laid right on the underlayment which is tacked to the roof deck.  When they get hot in the sun, the hot air radiates through the materials and into the attic space.  The attic acts as a buffer, but when that air gets over 100 degrees, it can start making the home inside pretty warm.

Putting on a metal roof improves the air space, especially if metal shingles are used.  Metal shingles have an additional small buffer of air under every single shingle.  Even though it’s less than an inch, it provides a way for the heat to escape out, instead of permeating into the attic.  The result is drastically lower temperatures.  How much cooler?  A test done in Florida shows the attic space was 30 degrees cooler with white metal shingles than black asphalt shingles.

Upgrade to a More Efficient Metal Roof

Upfront costs of metal are quite a bit higher than asphalt.  But those costs are offset over time, and if you sell you can sell the house for a higher price.

In the short-term you get the benefit of a warmer home in the winter, and a cooler home in the summer.

Upgrade to a high quality metal roof from Beartooth Metal Roofing in Billings, Montana.  Give us a call at 406-839-0084 to get started.