Go Green with a Metal Roof

Not the Color Green… Unless You Want the Color Green

How often do you consider the environment when you make your choices?  If you’re like most people, you will take the environmentally friendly route if it’s no more difficult (or costly) than the traditional method.  For instance, if your favorite take-out restaurant puts food in a compostable container, you’re not going to go out of your way to ask for plastic.

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But for many people, it’s a bit cumbersome to take the green route.  Green products often cost more, they’re difficult to acquire, recycling can be a pain, and in the end it’s easier just to scrap it all.  When it comes to your roof, however, you can buck that trend.


A Metal Roof is a Green Roof

Metal roofing is by its very nature environmentally friendly.  Here are a few key points where you are doing the right thing for the environment, and in the long run you’re saving money.

Seamless gutter company BillingsMade from Recycled Materials – Most metal used in roofing is made from recycled materials.  You don’t even have to specifically ask for it, nor do you have to pay extra for it.  If you really want a recycled roof, as in one that is almost all recycled materials, we can track down the right metal for you.

Won’t Wear Out – In theory metal will last 50+ years.  But modern metal roofs are so well made that we have to put a lifespan on them because people want a lifespan on them.  Realistically, your metal roof will likely last even longer than 50 years (barring storm damage).  Even if it needs replaced, it’s all recyclable.

Lower Energy Costs – Metal roofs are naturally more efficient than asphalt shingles.  During the summer the asphalt shingles will soak up the sun’s rays bringing the temperature of the roof up to as high as 150 degrees.  A metal roof, even one that isn’t a light color, will reflect those rays instead of soaking them up.  The result is that your energy bills are lower.

Recyclable Waste – Leftover asphalt shingles, and the cutoff ends, are thrown in a dump trailer and hauled to a trash pile.  Leftover metal, and the cutoff ends, are thrown in a dump trailer and hauled to the recycler.  It takes far less energy to recycle metal than it does to make new metal from raw materials.


More Reasons a Metal Roof is a Green Roof

There are plenty more reasons, but these four are the heavy hitters.  If you want our beautiful state to remain the pristine mountainous playground that it is, consider upgrading to an environmentally friendly metal roof.

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