Get Snow Breaks Before You Need Them

Now is the Time for Snow Breaks

When you have a metal roof on your home or business, it’s important to understand how the weather will affect your roof.  For instance, when it rains on an asphalt roof versus a metal roof, there’s really nothing different that’s going to happen.  But when that rain turns to snow, it’s a dramatic difference.

You need snow breaks in Billings MT

Asphalt roofs are coated in granules.  Every one of these “grabs” onto the snow keeping it in place until it eventually melts away as the weather warms.  That’s not the same with a metal roof.  As the metal warms, it creates a slick layer between the snow and the surface of the roof.  Eventually the entire “sheet” of snow will slough off if there is nothing to stop it.

That’s where snow breaks come in handy.


What Are Snow Breaks?

If you look at metal roofs around town, you will notice that some of them have little metal “bars” that run parallel with the roof line.  These are the snow breaks, and they’re most often found above doorways, or other areas where snow sliding off could cause damage or inconvenience.

For example, this past winter when we got quite a bit of snow all at once, this house that Beartooth Metal Roofing had the pleasure of working on, didn’t have snow breaks along the back.  When it warmed up just enough, massive piles of snow slid off and crashed to the ground.  While the air conditioner was buried, and the back steps inaccessible, no long-term damage was done and nobody was hurt.  The homeowner, however, decided not to take the chance especially since grandkids are often in the back playing.  Snow breaks help minimize the risk of damage or injury.

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Depending on the style of roof, the breaks can be as simple as a cross-piece of metal, or they may be fancier.  Metal shingles often have individual breaks on each of the shingles giving it a more architectural look.  Other roofs have a single bar; some have double bars, and still others have individual “spikes.”


Beartooth Metal Roofing Installs Snow Breaks in Billings

Here at Beartooth Metal Roofing, we love turning houses into homes by putting a high quality metal roof on top.  Even if we didn’t install your metal roof, we can come by and install snow breaks to ensure that your roof lasts a long time, and the people beneath it are safe from falling snow.

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