Can I Paint a Metal Roof?

What Happens When you no Longer Like the Color of your Roof

Metal roofs are designed to last.  That means 10 years from now, you will still have that roof.  20 years from now, it will be there.  30 years, 40 years, and even 50 years later, it’s the same roof on top of your home.  So what happens if you chose a color for your roof that’s in style today, but in 30 years it’s no longer in style?  You paint it of course!

You can paint a metal roof

Just like other parts of your house, you can paint a metal roof.  It does require some special prep, special paint, and quite a bit of patience.  Here’s an overview on how to paint your metal roof.

Clean it Thoroughly

Just like when you paint anything else, you have to have the roof perfectly clean.  It’s recommended that you wash with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution to cut through any oils, saps, or other residues that may have accumulated on the roof.  Then, power wash the entire thing to blast of remaining stuck on dirt.  This will help to remove mold, mildew, oils, droppings, and everything else.

Paint on a Primer Solution

The color on your roof wasn’t exactly painted on in the factory.  It was sprayed on, and baked on, to coat the metal with a finished coating that will last for years.  Obviously, that’s not an option when re-painting.  In order to ensure that the paint will stick to the metal, or previous finish, you have to prime the surface.  No matter what type of final coating of paint, a primer will ensure that rust won’t creep through, and that the paint will actually stick.

Paint the Metal Roof

You can use acrylic latex paint or oil-based alkyd paint; just make sure you buy one that is specifically designed to paint a metal roof.  This is where your paint specialist is going to come in handy; avoid the big-box stores and hit up a specialty shop.  You will need specialized brushes and rollers, and likely you will want to spray the paint on to ensure an even coating.  Steep roofs will need extension wands, and make sure that you choose a windless day.

Maintain the Painted Roof

You’re not done yet!  The baked on finish from the factory is designed to last maintenance free.  But that’s not true when you repaint a metal roof.  Every six months you will want to get up on top of the house and wash it with a mild detergent.  Remove debris, clean off gunk, and make sure that the paint isn’t chipping, peeling, or otherwise detaching from the roof.  It’s quite a bit of work, but the finished product can be worth it.

Beartooth Metal Roofing Provides Roofs in Billings, MT

Of course, the easier way is to not need to paint the roof in the first place!  It’s tempting to go with the colors that are in style, like this year’s purple hues.  But instead, opt for something time honored and classic.  Coordinate it with the rest of your home, and ultimately you will have a roof that lasts for decades, and never needs to be painted.

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