Busting the Metal Roofing Myths

5 Myths about Metal Roofs that Aren’t True

In the construction industry in general there are a ton of myths that abound.  While the internet has helped to dispel many of them, it has also hurt the truth too; bad information often spreads much more quickly than the good.

Myths about Metal Roofs

When it comes to putting a metal roof on top of your home, there are myths that need to be addressed.  We don’t know where they came from, but they continue to persist.  Here are 5 myths about metal roofs that we can lay to rest.


A Metal Roof Attracts Lightning

This myth comes from the fact that metal conducts electricity.  But conducting and attracting are vastly different.  Lighting is drawn to the highest point nearby, not the most metallic item.  Your new metal roof won’t bring unnecessary lightning strikes upon you.

Myths about Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs are Noisy

If you hold up a piece of metal and bang on it with a hammer, it’s loud.  But take that same piece of metal and put it on a board, and it’s much quieter.  When your roof has the proper backing, and your home has the proper insulation, then your metal roof won’t be any louder than an asphalt shingle roof.


You Can’t Walk on a Metal Roof

It’s not recommended to walk on a wet metal roof, it can be slippery.  And if you’re going to go up and stomp around without care of where you place your feet, then you will cause damage.  But a metal roof is just as safe to walk on as any other type of room; it all depends on how you tread.


Metal Roofing Makes the House Colder/Hotter

Put a piece of metal outside in the winter and it can hurt to pick it up with bare hands.  Put that same piece of metal in the summer sun and it will burn you.  But that’s not how metal on top of the house works; the cold or heat doesn’t just transfer inside.  With a properly insulated and vented attic space, a metal roof may even have a positive effect keeping your home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.


A Metal Roof will Rust

Many years ago metal roofing was made from basic steel.  Left to the elements steel will rust.  Today’s metal roof is made of steel, but it’s coated in other metals (usually zinc or aluminum).  The metallic coating is bonded to the steel, and then paint is applied over the top of that (see the video below, or check out this link).  In order to rust, something has to deeply penetrate all those layers.  In short: your roof won’t rust.


Beartooth Metal Roofing Installs Metal Roofs

Our passion is to turn the top of your house into a work of art.  With our residential metal roofing, you can have a beautiful place to live, one that is safe from storm damage, and will last longer than any other roof you could put on.

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