Save Money with a Metal Roof

A Metal Roof Costs More, but Saves You Money We can all agree that a metal roof will provide superior protection to your home.  The seamless panels seal it up nicely, and if you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, then you definitely want to have metal on top of your house, business, Read More >

Your Metal Roof in the Winter

A Metal Roof is Simply Better Here in Montana we have very extreme seasons.  During the summer our temperatures can top out at 100 degrees.  In the winter we can hit 20 below (or sometimes even colder).  Fortunately, having the right roof on your home can help to mitigate the effects of the cold.  Here Read More >

Know When it’s Time to Re-Roof Your Home

Time to Switch to a Metal Roof Roofing materials won’t last forever.  But there are some that last considerably longer than others.  Other than when you suffer hail damage, do you know when it’s time to replace your roof?  There are some distinct tell-tale signs that show when your roof needs to be replaced. When Read More >

You Need Snow Breaks on Your Metal Roof

Snow Breaks Save Lives You may have read that heading and laughed a little bit.  But the reality is that snow breaks do indeed save lives; especially in areas that get a lot of snow (such as most of our Montana mountain towns). When you put a metal roof on your home or business, it Read More >

We Take Steps to Prevent Oil Canning

What is Oil Canning Anyway? Whether you live in Billings, in Bozeman, in Miles City, or in Nye, you want a metal roof that is going to not only protect your home from the elements, but one that is going to look great too!  Unfortunately, when many people see the costs associated with a metal Read More >

Choosing the Right Metal Roof

You Have a Variety of Choices for Your Metal Roof We have discussed how a metal roof is better than an asphalt roof.  It will hold up better in severe weather, it will add value to your home, and it will look absolutely amazing.  The right metal roof is going to make your home better! Read More >

Understanding Roofing Metal

A Metal Roof Generally Uses 24 Gauge Metal When you put a new roof on your house, you have a lot of choices.  Even if you’re putting on shingles, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shingle that you can use.  You have a choice between a 20-year, a 30-year, a 50-year, architectural, three tab, different colors and Read More >

Why Do People Choose Metal Roofs?

Metal Roofs are the Best Roofs Most roofs across the US are topped with shingles.  The simple reason is that a shingled roof is quite a bit cheaper to install than a metal roof; at least when you look at the cost just once.  The truth is that when you have a metal roof on Read More >

Winter is Coming, Get Your Gutters On!

Gutters Play an Important Role The weather is getting colder, and soon we will be seeing more freezing temperatures.  Most people aren’t too worried about that, they know that their house can handle it.  But if your house doesn’t have gutters that are helping to drain water away from the foundation, you may be setting Read More >

What Makes Our Metal Roof Different?

A Metal Roof is a Metal Roof… Right? Actually, there are a lot of differences when it comes to roofing.  Just as not all furniture is the same (think about the cheap stuff you get at a big box store vs. high end custom made stuff that costs thousands more), the quality of a metal Read More >