Protecting Your Home from the Spring Rains

Spring is Coming; Don’t Get Washed Out There’s still a ton of snow on the ground.  It doesn’t seem that spring will be here any time soon.  But don’t get too down, the warmer weather is coming, and the rains are on their way!  But with melting snow and torrential rains comes one thing: soggy Read More >

Understanding Color on Your Metal Roof

Your Choice in Roof Color Matters When you have an asphalt roof put on your home, you generally get a few choices.  They’re almost always browns, grays, or blacks.  There are some specialty colors like reddish, greenish, and blueish, but for the most part there aren’t too many options.  Metal roofing is not like that. Read More >

Is a Metal Roof Colder in the Winter?

Does the Roofing Material Affect the House Temperature? It’s pretty cold outside right now, somewhere around 5 degrees above zero at the time of this writing.  One of the questions we get asked a lot refers to the temperature of a metal roof; doesn’t metal make the house colder?  If you were to go outside Read More >

Should I Replace my Roof Before Selling?

A Roof Replacement May Help Depending on the study you look at, people stay in their homes between 7 years and 13 years (on average).  If the asphalt roof was a few years old when you moved into your home, it’s probably about ready to be replaced when you’re getting ready to move out of Read More >

How to Prevent Ice Dams

A Metal Roof Can Help One of the magical parts of winter is the snow that can tend to pile up.  Some years Billings sees a lot of snow, other years it is dry (and usually windy).  Often you will see homes that have icicles hanging off the side creating a bit of a picturesque Read More >

Finding the Right Metal Roofing Contractor

Not all Billings Metal Roofing Companies are the Same When you’re putting on a new roof, you are taking a big step.  It’s a big expense, and you want to make sure that it’s done right.  Naturally, you want to find the best metal roofing contractor in the area so you know you’re getting top-of-the-line Read More >

Get Snow Breaks Before You Need Them

Now is the Time for Snow Breaks When you have a metal roof on your home or business, it’s important to understand how the weather will affect your roof.  For instance, when it rains on an asphalt roof versus a metal roof, there’s really nothing different that’s going to happen.  But when that rain turns Read More >

Do Your Part with a Metal Roof

Show You Care by Using Metal “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” – The Lorax You have probably heard, read, or watched the story of The Lorax.  It’s a popular Dr. Seuss book about caring for our natural resources in a way that is Read More >

Go Green with a Metal Roof

Not the Color Green… Unless You Want the Color Green How often do you consider the environment when you make your choices?  If you’re like most people, you will take the environmentally friendly route if it’s no more difficult (or costly) than the traditional method.  For instance, if your favorite take-out restaurant puts food in Read More >

Busting the Metal Roofing Myths

5 Myths about Metal Roofs that Aren’t True In the construction industry in general there are a ton of myths that abound.  While the internet has helped to dispel many of them, it has also hurt the truth too; bad information often spreads much more quickly than the good. When it comes to putting a Read More >