Upgrade to a Hail Resistant Metal Roof in Billings

Billings, Montana Needs Metal Roofing One of the perks of living in Montana is that you have access to some of the wildest terrain in the lower 48 states.  Not an hour from Billings and we’re into the magical Beartooth Mountains. One of the pitfalls of living her in Billings is that we have to Read More >

Commercial Metal Roofing in Billings, Montana

Impress Customers and Save Money with Metal Whether you are building new, or updating old, your business will benefit from a commercial metal roof.  There are a variety of perks to metal, and choosing Beartooth Metal Roofing means that you get the best quality, the best craftsmanship, and a roof that is going to last Read More >

7 Reasons You Need Seamless Gutters in Billings, Montana

Seamless Gutters Are Better; Here’s Why We all need to have gutters on our homes. They help to transport water away from the foundation where it can do damage, and dump it harmlessly somewhere in the yard.  But you do have options for your home.  You can use seamless gutters, vinyl or metal gutters, and Read More >

Perks of a Metal Shingle Roof

A Metal Shingle Roof Offers More Throughout history roofing has undergone a variety of changes.  Thatched roofs, stone roofing, wood roofs, and currently we are seeing an increase in metal and rubber roofing.  The reason: these products last longer, protect better, and ultimately make your home safer and more valuable.  One technology that has undergone Read More >

7 Considerations for Your Metal Roof

Why Metal Makes for a Better Roof Your house has a lot of variables.  Some are heated with natural gas, while others are heated with electricity.  Some have sliding doors, others only doors that swing open.  Some are one story, others are multi-story.  But every house, as far as we have found, has a roof.  Read More >

Seamless Gutters in Billings, Montana

Did the Snow Rip Your Gutters Off? We have progressed out of an incredibly cold February that caused the majority of the houses in Billings to have serious ice dams.  These ice dams can end up causing water to back up into the house, and do a lot of damage. Often the damage isn’t just Read More >

Upgrading to a Metal Roof After a Hail Storm

Installing Your Forever Roof It may be incredibly cold here in Montana at the moment.  But soon, the spring will come.  As we progress into May, June, and July, the weather will heat up and that means it’s thunderstorm time.  Here in Billings, those storms very often bring about hail that can do some severe Read More >

Latest Color Trends in Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Trends Vary Like Anything Else Color trends are tricky.  That which looks great this year, may be seen as tacky next year.  So when you’re opting for a metal roof, even though you have literally any color in the world to choose from, you may want to tone things down a little if Read More >

3 Considerations When Selecting a Metal Roof

Metal Roofing is Almost Always a Great Investment Here at Beartooth Metal Roofing, our goal is to provide the highest quality metal roofs for the city of Billings as possible.  That means we go out of our way to ensure that our skills and our equipment are both up-to-date.  The result is that you get Read More >

Your Metal Roofing Company in Billings, MT

Get in Touch with Beartooth Metal Roofing When it comes down to it, there are two kinds of roofs you can put on your home.  You can put asphalt shingles, or you can put a metal roof.  Here’s the breakdown of what to expect. As a metal roofing company in Billings, MT, our goal is Read More >