7 Easy Ways You can Keep Your Home Cool

The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Have to Run

Here in Montana the days are heating up.  We have already had a couple of days into the mid-80’s and it’s not even June yet!  As summer approaches, and we get into the dog days, the temperatures will continue to rise.  And that means you’re going to reach for the thermostat to cool the house down.

7 easy ways to keep your home cool


Not so fast!  You don’t have to crank the AC in order to keep your home cool.  There are a few different ways that you can reduce your energy costs, and maintain a comfortable living space.


Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Some are simple chores to remember each day, others may require a bit more planning.

Close the Curtains

Curtains help in a variety of ways.  During the winter you can close them at night to trap the heat inside, and during the summer you can close them during the day to block the sun from coming in.  Less sun on your furniture and floors means less heat inside the home.  Blinds will work, but heavy curtains are better.

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Open the Windows

Check the temperature outside before you pop open the windows.  As soon as it’s cooler outside than it is inside, open every window that you can to allow any little breeze to flow through the house.  Leave them open all night long to provide maximum cooling, and then watch the temperature in the morning.  As soon as it’s warmer outside than inside, close those windows.

Use a Window Fan

Opening the windows is a great way to let the air into the house.  But when there isn’t any breeze outside, it doesn’t come in very easily.  You need a way to draw the air into the house.  Fortunately, there are fans built just for that purpose!  They fit snugly into a window, and you can blow the cool air in, or exhaust the warm air out.

Use a Whole House Fan

While a window fan is good, it doesn’t have quite the force needed to rapidly cool a house.  A whole house fan, on the other hand, does.  If you don’t have one installed, it’s a good investment to consider.  All you have to do is open some windows downstairs, and then turn on the fan upstairs, and within a few minutes the air will have pulled all the way through the house and cooled it considerably.  Run it for a few minutes before bed to get to a comfortable temperature, and then a few minutes first thing in the morning to drop it even more before the heat of the day comes.

Plant Trees

Houses heat up from the outside air, but even more so from the direct sunlight.  You want the light in the winter to help warm the house, but you don’t in the summer.  Planting trees is a great way to keep things cool during the warmer months.  They lose their leaves in the fall to allow sunlight through, and then grow them again to block it when it needs to be blocked.  Of course, they take years and years to get big enough to do much good.

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Circulate the Air

If you have gas forced air, you have a furnace.  That furnace is equipped with a fan.  You can turn the fan on without turning on the air conditioner or the heater.  While it’s not going to cool the house down much, it can help even out the temperatures.  An upstairs that gets hot in the afternoon can easily be brought to a more comfortable temperature simply by switching on the fan.

Upgrade your Roof

Most of these tips are things you have to remember to do every day.  Want to make sure that your Billings, Montana home stays cool without you doing a thing?  Upgrade to a high quality metal roof!  We can put Styrofoam beneath the panels to help insulate, and then using a lighter colored metal, your home will stay much cooler than it currently does.  Best of all, you don’t have to constantly monitor temperatures, open windows, or turn on fans.  It’s working hard, looking great, protecting your home, and keeping your house nice and cool.

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Beartooth Metal Roofing Provides Metal Roofs to Billings, Montana

If you live in Billings, you need a metal roof.  With the hail storms that we get, you need to be able to protect your home from the impact.  Why not make it more energy efficient, more comfortable, and look better at the same time?

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