7 Considerations for Your Metal Roof

Why Metal Makes for a Better Roof

Your house has a lot of variables.  Some are heated with natural gas, while others are heated with electricity.  Some have sliding doors, others only doors that swing open.  Some are one story, others are multi-story.  But every house, as far as we have found, has a roof.  The variety comes with the type of roof to put on your home.

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Just like anything else, the materials used are a big part of the quality of the item.  A paper plate won’t last as long as a ceramic one.  A wooden sword won’t be as strong as a metal one.  A shingled roof isn’t quite as good as a metal roof.

When you’re updating your roof, consider these aspects.

Upfront Costs vs. Long Term Savings

When you’re looking at having your roof replaced, you probably don’t look too far past the price tag.  A rough estimate can be used that says a metal roof will be right around double the cost of an asphalt shingle roof.

What you should look at, however, is the long term.  Asphalt shingles will need replaced at least every 20 years or so, sooner if there’s a hail storm.  A metal roof will withstand the test of time, at least 50 years.  In addition, you’ll most likely see lower utility bills, lower insurance premiums, and an increased home value.

Durability Factor

When a storm lets out quarter sized hail, the hail hits going over 100 miles per hour.  The size and speed mean that many things that the hail stones strike are going to break; including asphalt shingles.  What actually happens is that the hail breaks the back of the shingle, making it so that water can work its way through and into your home.

A metal roof can stand up to larger hail, without showing any signs of damage.  Even if the hail gets big enough to dent the metal, it’s highly unlikely that it will poke all the way through the metal allowing water to infiltrate the home.


There are some amazing looking asphalt shingles out there.  Many of them top the house nicely and create a pleasant curb appeal.  Metal roofing, however, has many more options for styles.

Metal roofing can come in just about any color you can imagine.  You could top your home with metal shingles (which are actually incredibly energy efficient).  You can do standing seam, varying ridges, multiple colors, and more.  Basically, however amazing you want your roof, we can get it done.

The Quiet Level

If you hit a piece of metal, it’s usually pretty loud.  This thought process carries over when people think of a metal roof.  If metal on the ground is loud, metal on the roof is loud, and people don’t want to live in a noisy house.  There’s a big difference though.  When metal is loud on the ground, it’s almost always because there is no solid surface behind it.

Your metal roof, if applied properly, will have solid sheeting behind it.  This dampens all the sounds, and actually can make your metal roof quieter than an asphalt shingle roof.

Superior Storm Ratings

Here in Montana, the wind can howl.  After a big storm, you can drive around and see houses where shingles ripped off the roof.  Some of that is because the shingles are reaching the end of their life, and some is that they can’t “hold on” as tight as metal.

Recently Hurricane Michael ripped through Mexico Beach, Florida.  Houses were literally leveled; completely gone.  But if you look at the images, you can see one house still standing.  In fact, it appears undamaged; even the metal roof is still solid.  When built properly, metal roofing lasts.

Fire Resistance Quotient

Most of the materials that homes are made of burns in a fire.  Attempts to minimize that with asbestos proved to be effective, but the long term effects of that substance proved to be dire.  Asphalt shingles, due to their nature, don’t burn easily, but they will burn.

Metal takes a lot of energy to burn.  And most of the time, it won’t go up in flames.  If you have cedar shakes on your home, and sparks from a rogue fire land on them, your entire house could be in trouble.  If you have a metal roof designed to look like cedar shakes, you get the same appeal, without the danger.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing is incredibly efficient.  It seems contrary because if you place a piece of metal in the hot summer sun, it can end up burning you when you touch it.  If you put that same piece of metal in the snow, it gets so cold it hurts.  So how does a metal roof make your home more efficient?

The answer isn’t in the metal itself, it’s in what’s just beneath the metal.  Creating a small air gap can have huge effects on your efficiency.  Don’t take our word for it, check out the research.

Beartooth Metal Roofing in Billings, Montana

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